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Goldfaber and Goldfaber Aqua colour pencils

Soft beauties: Goldfaber Aqua watercolour pencils in pastel shades 

Pastel is not everyone's cup of tea? These 12 soft shades prove creative hobby artists wrong. Their soft, highly pigmented 3.3 mm lead provides bright, lightfast colours. A unique property of these pens is that they allow for a full-surface, closed colour application in pastel, so that you can no longer see through the white paper structure. When used dry, they can be used for all the drawing techniques of a coloured pencil, and when used with a wet brush, they can be completely watercoloured - creating great effects. The new pastel pencils are available individually, in a metal case of 12 or together with 24 other colours in the Goldfaber Aqua gift set. 

Goldfaber colour pencils and Goldfaber Aqua watercolour pencils

Faber-Castell’s new Creative Studio concept provides an extensive high quality product range for all beginner and hobby artists at an affordable price. The centerpiece of the new assortment are the colour-intensive Goldfaber colour pencils and the completely water-soluble Goldfaber Aqua watercolour pencils. The fabrication of wood-cased colour pencils is the core business of this long-established company. The new Goldfaber and Goldfaber Aqua are anything but ordinary; produced with the most innovative production technology they achieve an especially soft colour laydown, have a high break resistance, convince with their intensive and vibrant colours and are extremely lightfast.

Graphite pencils, oil and soft pastels, india ink pens and trendy hand lettering sets

The Creative Studio assortment is complemented by a range of classic drawing materials such as the Goldfaber graphite pencils, various charcoals and pastel pencils. Coloured soft and oil pastels, Pitt Artist Pen india ink pens and starter sets with watercolor, acrylic and oil colours also belong to the assortment. The trendy hand lettering sets of the Pitt Artist Pen enable fans of "creative handwriting" to gain the optimal entry into their hobby. For Manga fans, there is a selection of different Pitt Artist Pen wallets as well as a starter kit, which includes helpful tips and instructions.

All products are perfectly suited for expressing your creativity freely. Faber-Castell also provides a wealth of material that inspires beginner and hobby artists and encourages them to try out something new. With creative tutorials as well as numerous tips and tricks, Faber-Castell demonstrates the versatile applications of the high quality Creative Studio products.

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