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Making way for the giant anteater
The Faber-Castell forests in Brazil are teeming with diverse fauna. This hasn’t happened by chance.
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Creatively mastering the daily grind
Handwritten bullet journals are more effective than digital planners.
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The stuff that pens are made of
How we develop innovative and sustainable ideas around plastics, for example in recycling.
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Interview with CEO Stefan Leitz
About his start at Faber-Castell and current topics.
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From pine to pencil
Faber-Castells drawing tools are primarily sourced from the company’s own sustainable forests in Brazil.
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Small pen, big impact
Five facts about an all-rounder - in fashion, in Hollywood, in keeping records.
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Climate counts
Faber-Castell produces climate-neutral worldwide and uses 82% renewable energy sources.
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Lefties do it right
Are left-handed people the more creative ones?
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The importance of care and concentration on details
What exactly does quality mean when it comes to pencils and how is produced?
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